Matthew Lesson 111 (2017)



Matthew 24:32-51

Key Verse: 24:45


1. Read verses 32-35. What does Jesus seem to tell his disciples through the Parable of the Fig Tree (32)? What do “all these things” refer to? (24:9-29) What did Jesus mean by “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened”? (* Most scholars believe that this generation refers to those who will be alive during the time of tribulation.)


2. Read verses 36-41. Who knows when the end times will come? To what did Jesus compare the end of the world? (37-39) What illustrations did Jesus use to show the suddenness of his return? (40-41)


3. Read verses 42-44. What warning did Jesus give his disciples? To what did Jesus liken his coming? Why? (44) Why should we be watchful? How do you know if you’re being watchful?


4. Read verses 45-47. What qualities did Jesus say his servants would need in order to be ready for his coming? What reward did Jesus promise to his faithful and wise servant? (also read Dan. 12:2-3; Rev. 3:21)


5. Read verses 48-51. What did Jesus warn would happen to those who doubt his coming? (also read Lk. 12:47-49) How do you know that hell is a horrible place?

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