2017 Genesis Lesson 25 'JACOB'S BLESSING'

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Genesis Lesson 25 (2015)



(The Life of Faith)

Genesis 48-49

Key Verse: 49:28


Our self-centered technological society, seeks instant gratification and immediate results. The good life emblazoned on television is measured by what we have and use now. The elderly are usually considered obsolete rather than examples of how to live fully for the long run. But for those with eyes to see, Jacob can teach us valuable lessons about satisfaction of persevering in the life of faith. This study views his final days as he evaluates the past and peers into the future.


1. Read Genesis 48. How will Jacob’s adoption of Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh affect their share in the promises God made to Jacob (48:1-7)? In what ways is Jacob’s faith evident s he blessed Ephraim and Manasseh (48:8-20)?


2. How does God’s sovereign choice of Ephraim over Manasseh follow the same pattern we have seen in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? In these blessings Jacob recalls the way God has dealt with him in the past. How would you describe God in terms of the way He has been working in your life?


3. Read Genesis 49. In Genesis 49:3-9 how are the blessings given to Reuben, Simeon and Levi related to their past actions (see Genesis 34, 35:22)? Although our past failures and sins affect our future, how can God’s forgiveness and grace help us triumph over these consequences?


4. What future does Jacob see for Judah (49:8-12)? What characteristics of the Messiah’s reign does he foretell?


5. After blessing six of his other sons (49:13-21), Jacob gives a rich and lengthy blessing to Joseph. How is Joseph’s blessing related to his past actions (49:22-26)? Recall event in Joseph’s life which illustrate the names given to God in Genesis 49:24-25.


6. How do Jacob’s last words demonstrate the faith and hope with which he finishes the course of his life (48:21-22, 49:29-32)? In what specific areas are you having to trust God for the future?

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