Matthew Lesson 114 (2017)




Matthew 25:31-46

Key Verse: 25:46



1. Read verse 31. How did Jesus describe his second coming? How is his second coming different from his first coming? (Lk. 2:7; Mt. 24:30-31; Rev. 19:16) Why?


2. Read verses 32-33. Where will all the nations be at Christ’s return? (32) How are the sheep and the goats similar and different? According to Jesus, how will the people of the earth be divided? (33)



3. Read verses 34-45. According to these verses, what criterion will Christ use to judge people? Will philanthropists be saved automatically without believing in Jesus? With whom did Jesus identify himself?


4. [Without doubt, Jesus is more concerned about a possible lack of authentic obedience that comes from faith than about anyone trying to earn their salvation by works.] Discuss the difference between “salvation by works” and the “good works” God calls us to, as his followers


5. Read verse 46. [According to what Jesus said in verse 46, we learn that heaven and hell are real place.] Why would the loving Jesus warn his followers so much about God’s judgment and hell? (2 Pet. 3:9) Think about how we can have authentic faith that we can inherit the kingdom of heaven.




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